Affiliate Site Selling For $7 Billion? 7 Key Takeaways

Make $1,000 in Just one Click

5 High Ticket Affiliate Programs (2020)

5 High Ticket Affiliate Programs (2020)

Hey, what’s, going on guys chat here? If you’re looking to learn about the best affiliate program, specifically the best high ticket affiliate programs, where you can literally earn a thousand dollars from a single click, then this video is going to be for you now here’s.

The problem with most other affiliate programs out there right most of them, you see on Clickbank, just a lot of other platforms – are low ticket right, so that’s. The first thing there are $ 30 $ 20 commissions, and nowadays, with rising costs, more competition.

You know it’s almost better to promote these higher ticket products where you get a lot more money for the sale. Now. The second problem, with most affiliate programs, is there’s, no back-end sales right.

So maybe you ‘ Ll refer a customer and they ‘ Ll buy an upsell or two and sure you’ll receive that commission, but you know everything after that. Maybe it’s week two week three week, four weeks: five if those customers ever buy anything else, you’re, not getting that Commission right.

Only the company is right. So in this video, I want to show you some affiliate programs that actually offer those lifetime commissions, so you’re, always going to get that sale. Even if you refer to customers from two years ago, right and listen – you still can make money with products on affiliate networks.

If you have a blog, a youtube channel, you know an email list. Those are great products promote, but if you want to make just two to three sales a month and still be able to make a full-time income because you’re getting anywhere from five hundred to a thousand-dollar Commission’s, then stick Around for this video, because I’m – be showing you guys, the top five affiliate programs, and you know when I really think about it right.

My first eight months online, I went through five different business models and it wasn’t until I started promoting higher ticket products, the products that gave me 50 % Commission and that’s. Where I started to make you know, I had my first thousand dollar day.

I had my first five hundred dollar Commission and that’s, ultimately, how I made my first ten thousand dollars online, so anyways guys with that being said before I get into the video, I want to announce the affiliate marketing course, the winner from the last video.

If your name is right here, congratulations, you’ve won one copy of my Philly marketing course go ahead and email me here to claim your course. If you guys would also like to enter into when I give away one copy of my affiliate marketing course per video, all you have to do to enter is drop alike, and for this video I want you to comment down below which affiliate program that you, Like best from this video, okay, so just let me know below I’ll pick one a random winner in my next video with that being said, best of luck to you and let’s, get straight into this.

Alright, welcome back so, like I said we’re gonna be going straight into the five best high, paying affiliate programs and guys, usually when people make these videos they’re kind of all in one niche I tried to find you Know multiple different niches in this right, so if you don’t want to just work in the business, make money online niche.

I try to provide other niches in this video for you to and some of these affiliate programs alone. Have you know, products wreaking earn up to five thousand dollars from a single sale right, so a five thousand dollar Commission is pretty crazy to think about right.

Just one sale can make you a full-time income just as full transparency. There will be links to all these affiliate programs below in the description. Some of those are our affiliate links, some of those aren’t.

So if you want to use them, you can, if not totally cool with me with that being said, let’s, get straight into this okay. So the first thing I want to talk about the first high-paying affiliate program is gonna, be online courses, and as I talked about earlier, this is actually how I made my first ten thousand dollars online was from promoting an online course now.

If you really think about it, online courses are cool because a lot of them they’ll pay you up to fifty even seventy-five percent. For a commission, because people who sell online courses don’t have any other expenses right.

It’s. All it’s, an all automated process in what’s even better as you as an affiliate. You know. Kind of the hard thing with an online course is taking care of support and making sure the training is always updated and ready to go right.

You as an affiliate you don’t have to do any of that right. You’re. Full you’re solely focused on the marketing. You can put eight hours a day into the marketing of the course alright, so anyway I want to try.

I want to show you how to find online courses and not just ones that are on Clickbank, that you know 800 other affiliates are promoting. At the same time, I want to. I want to show you how you can define you know, courses that people there’s, not really any competition around and that’s kind of how I got leverage starting out with the first product I promoted so anyway.

What I would suggest you do is go over to YouTube and on YouTube you kind of want to just pick like you basically just want to pick a niche. So, for example, you can go into woodworking. Ok, there are literally people on YouTube.

That sells woodworking courses teaching you how to build that. Ok or, for example, you can go into Instagram growth or digital marketing. You know just I would try to go into a more narrow niche instead of just like you know, losing way or making money online.

Try to go to something more specific: ok, it’s. Gonna be easier to sell. I promise you that alright, so let’s use the example of Instagram. Okay. So let’s say we typed in Instagram growth right. So what I’m trying to do now is I’m just trying to find people who sell an online course, and I want to make sure the course is gonna be good right.

So, first off let’s. Look at this guy; okay, let’s, just see what his description says. Ok, so I’m gonna pause this here I’m, going to go down to the description in his youtube channel, and okay. So we can see the book a free strategy call with me and I don’t, see any links to courses or anything.

So let’s just check out what this is. Okay. So if I move it says, would you like me to personally help you with your music marketing for free? Ok, so he’s, probably selling some type of consulting or coaching, or even a course in the backend for some type of music marketing? I don’t know.

Maybe it’s more for editors, music producers. It looks like this, but this could be a good niche if you want to promote his product right and what I would do at this point is, I would literally just email him.

They should have support in their privacy policy or thereabout and even on their YouTube channel, You can find their email as well and just tell them you know, hey, I have an audience around Instagram, and I want to promote your product right so anyways.

Let me go find another example. Ok, so let’s check out some more people, all right. Let’s, check out this guy. Ok. I know this guy makes a lot of Instagram content. So let’s check this one out.

Ok, so let me scroll down here and just check now his description. This is always where you want to go, and here we go: okay, free Instagram, training, IG boss, calm! So let’s check this one outright, okay, so let me read this headline: the weird system that gets 50k collars and a 200k paycheck every single month on Instagram alright.

So this is actually a really good headline. I like this, and you know I’m sure he’s, selling a course right. Yes, reserve my seat, so he’s going to some webinar. So, really what I would do if you want to start promoting this Instagram training.

This Instagram course right. You don’t have to learn how to be some magical salesman, and you know learn how to promote a 2,000 dollar product because he’s, probably selling. You know a thousand two thousand dollar product on the back end.

All you have to do as an affiliate. You just have to send people to this page right, yes, reserve my training and then he’s. Gonna do all the selling for you, the webinar does all the selling for you.

So, as the filly, you just have to drive the traffic and that’s. What’s? So cool? Like I said you, don’t have to take care of support or anything you just have to drive traffic to this page. Okay, so I would do is I would message this guy or email him just say: hey, I’m really.

I really like your Instagram content. I was wondering if you have an affiliate program for your course. I would love to promote it in a good ethical right way right so anyway um that’s. Gonna be the first way K.

First, affiliate programs are just online courses. Any niche you want doesn’t really matter. Anyways, let’s. Go on to number two, alright, so the next one is gonna. Be fitness equipment? Okay. So this one’s a little bit different, but this is actually a good niche because you know there’s, a lot of little keywords, whether it’s, long-tail or short-tail keywords that all deal around Fitness right Buying fitness equipment, whether it’s, a gym that wants to buy it, whether it’s, you know even apartment complex.

They have gyms that want to buy fitness equipment right or if it’s, just a consumer right. Someone who bought a house – and they want to put a gym in their house right, so there’s, all kinds of people typing in different stuff about fitness equipment and if you can rank your videos, blog posts stuff like that right.

This is kind of more of an SEO strategy versus promoting online courses. You can kind of do that with Facebook ads and YouTube ads, but this one I would use with more of like a blog or a YouTube channel, and on this fitness equipment.

You can earn up to eight percent commission now. It may not sound like a lot, but what’s cool about this niche right is not only can you join multiple, these affiliate programs, but also a lot of these products, are, you know, anywhere from a thousand to five thousand dollars.

So you know you’re gonna be earning anywhere from. I think it’s anywhere from like eighty dollars to even up to four hundred dollars in a single commission, and a lot of these are trusted companies that have finance programs.

So a lot of people are willing to spend the money, especially if it’s like a gym owner, and you know a lot of these have like 30-day cookies. So imagine if a whole gym like filled up their gym will off your link right.

You would literally be making thousands of dollars now the next one here is going to be Bowflex and Bowflex actually offers. I believe it’s. Seven percent commission on all sales – and this is just a bigger, more trusted company and they have a lot of cool stuff.

So you can check out the affiliate program here but anyway. If you check out their website here like I said they have treadmills, try climbers, and you know this is all just really solid products. People trust.

So if you can get a bunch of people like, I said on an email list who are interested in fitness equipment or fitness just in general right and you start promoting multiple of these things, and you can even combine this with online courses too right.

So you know, maybe if you don’t want to just promote this. Maybe you can promote this in the very back end of your funnel right since it’s more equipment stuff, but on the front end, maybe you promote a fitness online course or a coaching program right.

So this is a good way where you can kind of combine these products with a lot of these niches that people are willing to spend money on okay, so that’s. Gonna be number two: is fitness equipment go check it out? The next one here is probably gonna be one of my favorites and that’s.

Gonna be marketing software. Okay, so you know I I like to promote builder: all I’ve been promoting it for the past two years. Actually, if you look on here, I’m. Actually the number one affiliate of all time.

So if you look right here, number one affiliate of all time, so basically, what builder all is, if you don’t know it’s, just a marketing software that allows you to build sales. Funnels do email marketing, they have a chatbot, so they have a whole bunch of different tools, and you know what I like about marketing software.

Is the offer recurring commissions right? So I don’t have to sell this product every month, but I know I’m still gonna make money every month, because when people sign up to a builder I’ll plant or if you want to promote A different software, like click funnels, you can do that or another software called car trip right.

That’s a newer one. So all these different software’s kind of have their own angles that make them unique. For example, builder all selling point is it’s, an all-in-one software right and also it’s, a lot cheaper.

So if you want to go after people who are sick of paying to overpay for funnels – and you know, sick of using ten different software well builder – all is the solution to that. And if you sign you know hundred people up to the sixty-nine dollar plan, you’re gonna be making you know thirty percent of that revenue every single month day after day.

So basically, if builder, all is thirty percent recurring commissions on tier 1 and tier two, so that that just means, if another affiliate signs up under you and they make a sale, you’re gonna make thirty percent of all their earnings.

Okay. So it doesn’t, go down like five levels. It just goes to two levels and then also you get a hundred percent Commission’s on your first sale. So if you sell something, let’s say a $ 69 plan. You get that $ 69 upfront.

The company gets zero money. The Phillie gets it all the first month, so anyways go check out, build your I’ll. Also, you can do web hosting. So if you want to do it for Hostgator and stuff, like that, I’m, actually posted a video that shows you how to promote these marketing software’s, so I’ll put a video up here.

If you want to go check out how to market these kinds of software, but anyway with that being said, let’s. Go on to the next one – and this is gonna – be product number four right, and this is actually one that I just recently actually a couple of months ago, I joined it to learn more about their product, learn more about their training, and it was actually just A couple of days ago that actually started promoting it right, so this company is called legendary marketer it’s with one of my Prince Dave actually met him on in Orlando Florida last summer, so that’s kind of how I got introduced To him, but what Dave and his company do call legendary marketer.

Is it’s, just an education company right and what I like about it? Is it’s, not really just like an online course where you buy it and they just kind of like leave you hanging it’s, an education company where they have like real coaches for you, they have.

You know professional support. They have a full staff to make sure you’re, getting the help you need. They have real. You know marketing experts like actually really good training on here. So you know it kind of solves the problem of you know all these random kids selling courses for a thousand dollars and then never giving you a refund right.

This is a real education company that will teach you real ethical marketing solutions, mostly for affiliate marketers online marketers. Even if you sell courses they teach you that so really just an education platform around marketing.

So you can see it. Yesterday I made around one hundred and fifty-nine dollars with this. That was just a small promotion I did but anyway. If you’re interested in promoting this platform, what’s? Actually really cool? Are they have really high ticket commissions? On the back end and it’s lifetime commissions right, so you can get it you can get like.

For example, someone can click on your link and literally like three years later, they could buy a five thousand dollar mastermind event and you’ll get a twenty-five hundred dollar commission, or I think it’s like a two thousand dollar Commission or something like that, so they have those higher ticket back end products, the lifetime commissions.

They also have reoccurring, affiliate programs in here too, because they have some products that are like thirty dollars a month, and the fill it gets like 18 a month or something like that so anyway.

If I actually showed you, for example, like one of the funnels they have on here, you can see it usually starts out with like seven dollars and then upsells a thirty and then an annual plan. And then, if they really want to work closely with the company, then to buy their training, then they upsell twenty-five hundred dollar product, and you get a thousand dollar commission as an affiliate and then like.

I said they have like their more back-end stuff, where they sell events and masterminds, where you can go to Mexico, and you know, learn from them and already down there so anyways that’s, the legendary marketer.

So if you have a really strong passion for marketing and audience around marketing, you know affiliate marketing online business really whatever it is. I think this is a really good company, just because you know they actually have good training that doesn’t teach you BS, and you know high P stuff that doesn’t work.

They actually teach you skill sets in real marketing. So the next one actually really surprised me on how much they pay for a single sign up. Okay. So this is a trading platform called plus 500. So if you have interests in stock trading, you like investing whatever right, you have a youtube channel blog and you make content around it.

You document kind of what you do right and you give tips along the way you share your journey. This is a great platform to promote, because you know, if, in your videos or in your blogs or in your emails, you’re, showing it can even be a Facebook group.

You’re, showing how you make trades. You show how you invest in the stock market well and if you use this platform to do it and you sign people up so really you can tell people hey if you want to learn about the training platform that I use go check out +500 and if You sign up, I’ll.

Give you a free course on trading or I’ll. Give you a free strategy call and how to set up your account right. You can do those incentives as an affiliate and, for example, if I move, we go over to the company.

Go over to files here, check this payout that they give guys or I get up to $ 800 for a trader okay. So I want you to check out the CPA rates on here and what CPA means is the cost per action. So the action here is you signing up someone to this platform and basically they just have to deposit any amount of money.

Okay, so it says 200 to 800 dollars per trader for any deposit amount, making it the most profitable financial trading platform. So usually what I found with other trading platforms – I’ve researched.

Are they’ll? Give you like a hundred dollars per sign up if the other person invests like a hundred dollars right, not bad, but what’s cool about this one? Are they give you two to eight hundred dollars? Even if they invest, you know fifty dollars right.

It could be any deposit amount, so you can actually make a lot of money with this and it even gives you the country’s right. A lot of these different programs like it fits from a third world country. You know.

Sometimes they won’t pay you for that. So that’s. Another thing I found cool is they palette from pretty much any country you want here, and you know Switzerland apparently gives you 800 bucks and the same with the UK on here to $ 800.

If you sign a single person upright, you only need a couple of those per month and you’re set right. You got a full-time income for that month, right so anyway guys. I hope you enjoyed this video that’s.

Gonna wrap up this video on the top five high paying affiliate programs for affiliate marketing. Again, there will be links to all of them below. So with that being said, if you guys want more content on this, I’m gonna be making more content on high ticket affiliate marketing how to get started more training, more hacks, different stuff like that, so be sure to subscribe, and if you Want to get started with the Philly marketing you really just don’t know where to start you don ‘

T know how to promote these platforms. You don’t know how to do the marketing then go ahead and click. The first link in the description below it’s gonna. Take you to a free video that’s, going to show you how to start to get started with high ticket affiliate marketing, so anyways click the link below.

If you’re interested, if not, I’ll see you in my next video and I hope you have a great rest. Your day.

Make $1,000 in Just one Click

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Affiliate Site Selling For $7 Billion? 7 Key Takeaways

According to the New York Times, Credit Karma is about to avoid the IPO market, and sell to a financial firm for $7 Billion.

We’re talking about an affiliate site here. An affiliate site is one that earns commissions from promoting OTHER PEOPLES products (by linking to their website through a special link).

Credit Karma was founded by Ken Lin. It is a website that has grown to have a lot of content, and it makes commissions from credit repair sites, and loan sites, and so forth.

Now while it started out as an ordinary site, this is no longer an ordinary affiliate site.

They claim that one third of all Americans who have a credit profile, have used their site.

So that’s a lot of names and email addresses they have acquired over the last several years.

They have grown to be huge, and I don’t want to make this sound like it’s in any way typical.

But it is inspiring and there are many key takeaways that can be learned here.

7 Key Takeaways

#1 You don’t have to be a product owner, in order to build a big online business

Over a decade ago, I visited the headquarters of Clickbank for the first time.

And I asked them, about which vendors were making the most sales.

They shocked me by mentioning that 8 of the top 10 account owners on Clickbank were pure affiliates, and didn’t even own their own products.

They were people I’d never heard of, guys who were simply buying traffic, sending it to their own website, and earning affiliate commissions promoting other people’s products.

While I was already a strong affiliate at the time, and was also in that top 10, I was a strong vendor too. So I had assumed the top 10 would be full of vendors.

In the case of Credit Karma, they have taken affiliate marketing to the extreme.

#2 Leads are valuable

Affiliates can make a lot of money without ever collecting a single email address or lead.

However, if you go to sell your website in the future, the money you receive is not only determined by how much you are making on a daily basis…

…How many leads, and how much data that you have on those leads, plays a huge factor.

You can’t legally share that data, but if you sell your business, then it’s legal for the purchaser to acquire the data that way.

Credit Karma collected names, email addresses, postal addresses, phone numbers, credit scores and more, from MILLIONS of people. That data is now worth BILLIONS as part of this sale.

If you’re an affiliate at a smaller scale, the same principles DO still apply. Make sure to in some cases, collect names and email addresses. And have a newsletter followup sequence that builds a relationship and promotes relevant products to them.

That way, if you ever sell your site, it’s worth more money… AND you’ll make more from your site anyway, even if you never sell it.

#3 Drop Facebook Pixels on every page in your site

Looking at the Credit Karma website, I see they have 2 Facebook Pixels being dropped on every page.

That means they can now retarget to people, with ads on Facebook, Instagram and other web properties that Facebook owns or has agreements with.

You do so much to get people to visit your pages as it is, and if they aren’t on your email mailing list, then another great way to get them to come back is through retargeting ads.

Warm prospects who have visited you before are a lot more likely to interact with you and possibly make a purchase in the future, than those who are cold (don’t know who you are).

#4 Free Software often results in more shares, than other types of freebies

While it may have been more complex to build what they have today, the Credit Karma site actually started out as a very simple piece of software.

People loved using it and shared it with their friends. So that in turn helped it to grow organically, as well as through any deliberate attempts they made at driving traffic to their site.

I’ve done this in the past also, created free software, and found that the optins tend to keep growing organically from that software giveaway for years, as users share the software with others.

For it to work, it has to be genuinely useful, and be better than the other tools going around that people can obtain for free.

It’s not always easy to do this, but if you do have a great idea for software that you’d like to make freely available in your chosen niche, it can in many cases, prove to be more valuable than other forms of free gifts that get people to opt in.

#5 Optins aren’t everything

There are plenty of opportunities to get your credit reading, etc, from other sites outside of Credit Karma, without giving your name and email address to Credit Karma.

They have such useful pages and recommendations, that their site profits regardless of optins.

I personally have found that sometimes, as an affiliate, going to an opt in page is not the right way to go.

Sometimes it’s better to run ads, that go to a ‘bridge page’ or a ‘quiz’ or an article, that then leads directly to an offer that I’m promoting.

If that produces more profits, then go with that.

#6 There is a lot of money to be made in Affiliate Marketing

Now while Credit Karma is an extreme case (potentially about to sell for $7 Billion), I see new affiliates starting out every year, and making piles of sales online.

This does not happen to everyone, I’m not saying it’s push-button easy, I’m not saying it’s ‘typical’ but I regularly see newbies, coming in, and doing extremely well, within a matter of months.

There are a lot of high converting offers in many niches (health, wealth, relationships, alternative beliefs, finance, education, and more).

And it isn’t rocket science.

Here’s a simplified equation of what is in play as an affiliate:

(Leads x Conversion Rates x Avg$ Per Customer) – Ad Spend = Affiliate Profits

Affiliate Site Selling For $7 Billion? 7 Key Takeaways

For example…

If it costs you $1000 to send 2000 clicks to an offer, and that offer converts at 2%, and you earn on average $40 per sale:

Leads = 2000 clicks
Conversion Rate = 2% (0.02)
Avg $ Per Customer = $40
Ad Spend = $1000

(2000 x 0.02 x 40) – $1000

= $1600 – $1000

= $600 (Profit For The Affiliate)

If you’re not in profit, then:

  • Either the traffic that is purchased is not the right audience (and conversions will suffer)
  • Or the offer is not a proven one (conversions aren’t good)
  • Or you’re paying too much for the leads
  • Or the average commission $ is just too low.

I know I’ve gone off on a tangent here, but I wanted to mention this because, there IS a lot of money in affiliate marketing, but sometimes people over-complicate things when it comes to figuring out what’s going right and what’s going wrong.

Sometimes words in your ad itself, or on your landing page, are all the difference between a conversion rate of 0.3% and one that is 2% or higher.

Sometimes it’s a matter of needing to try several audiences to find the winning ads.

And sometimes it’s a matter of capturing leads, and following up with those leads with an autoresponder series of emails, that takes a little time to get the sales, but can lead to more sales of other products long term.

#7 Dream big and take action

It takes just as much energy to dream big as it does to dream small.

You are not protecting yourself or anyone else, by dreaming small.

Small dreams = less motivation to carry on.

I don’t see people who aim for the sky, and reaching the top of a skyscraper, being too disappointed.

I also don’t see people aiming for the top of a skyscraper, reaching the sky either.

It’s really important to eliminate any invisible glass ceilings, and have a dream that truly excites you.

Make a plan and work towards it.

Ken Lin had a dream and he chased it. His vision became more clear as he went along, but he took action.

I see the biggest difference between those who succeed at Affiliate Marketing and those who don’t, is that those who succeed are the ones who dream big, and take a lot of action.

When they take action and mistakes are made, they embrace the lessons that are learned along the way as part of the journey.

They are willing to take a lot of swings at bat, and all the mistakes make them self-correct, learn lessons, and eventually hit the ball out of the park.

I hope you enjoyed this article, and that it helps inspire you to take action in your online marketing dreams.

In the coming weeks I’ll be sharing several more affiliate marketing tips and videos with my newsletter subscribers.

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