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Instant Guru Review Demo

Hi, this is dan green and in this short video we’re, going to show you how our new software, instant guru, can very easily and very quickly turn you into a top internet marketing guru and help you start generating daily commissions as a warrior Person jvzoo affiliate, you see it’s, no secret, that internet marketing is booming right now, with so many people working from home and way more people than ever.

Looking for the chance to make some extra income online internet marketing is going through a real gold rush right now and just like any girl rush, the people that make the real money are the ones selling the tools as a smart marketer.

I’m sure. You know that the biggest platforms to sell internet marketing products on are warrior purse and jvzoo and boy are those platforms going crazy right now. Product launches are doing well over a hundred thousand dollars in revenue practically every day, and anyone promoting warrior person jvzoo products as an affiliate, has never had it.

So good. Just take a look at the results we’ve had we are saying daily income like this weekly income like this, and we are generating income like this, each and every month, just as an affiliate. Now we like action takers like you and we think it’s, only fair that you should be able to get in on the internet marketing gold rush too.

But, of course, the problem is that getting in on this gold rush and becoming a successful jvzoo and warrior plus affiliate is not easy. First of all, how on earth are you going to get anyone to buy from you if you are a newbie and not an experienced marketer? How are you supposed to know what products to promote and how are you actually supposed to promote them? I really don’t blame you.

If you think this whole internet marketing thing just seems way too hard way too time consuming and way too confusing, and if you think that there’s, basically zero chance of you becoming a successful warrior and jvzoo affiliate.

Well, i don’t blame you so that’s, why we created instant guru, innocent guru. Does all the hard work to turn you into an instant internet marketing guru, so you can start earning big daily commissions as a top warrior.

First jvzoo affiliate and it does it all in just three steps step: one you log into the web-based software step. Two you enter your warrior plus and jvzoo affluent ids and don & # 39. T worry. If you don & # 39, t have one yet jb, zoo and warrior puss are free to join as an affiliate and getting your id & # 39.

S takes just seconds step three, you click a button and that’s. It you’re done with just one click. Instant gui creates an entire authority blog all about the latest internet marketing news and fully hosts it for you on our server.

Your site comes pre-loaded, with great content with more and more created for you. Every single day, instant guru sources, your content from top internet marketing, news sites and blogs and then spins it using a powerful, inbuilt spinning engine to transform it in entirely original content.

For you plus – and this is where things get really exciting – your site is monetized for you with completely done for you review posts of the top selling warrior purse and jvzoo offers. Each week all the review posts come with a full, in-depth video review.

They contain proven high converting sales copy written for you by us. They even come with done for you, bonuses all of the bonuses related to the product being reviewed, and all of them are auto delivered to the buyer.

Anytime, you make a sale and all of the posts feature a call to action, buy button with your warrior plus and jvzoo id automatically embedded. So each time anyone clicks to buy you get full credit for the sale.

How smart is that and remember, because all of the content in your site will be totally original. Your site will even rank on google too. After all, accusing the google themselves creating regular original content for your site is what helps build your site’s.

Reputation with both users and google, and that creating compelling and useful content will likely influence your website more than any other factors, and that’s, exactly what instant guru will do for you.

It will create totally original content with the latest internet marketing news strategies and product reviews. Turning you into an instant guru. All of this in a beautifully designed site that’s fully hosted for you want to use your own domain well.

Don’t worry, you. Can your site comes pre-designed for you in a way that’s proven to maximize conversions, but we also provide literally hundreds of options, so you can customize your layout color scheme practically anything you want, so you can have your site.

Look exactly how you want it to look, want to add banner ads and opt-in forms. We have taken care of that, for you too, with our widget technology. You can add banner ads to make even more money from your site and you can add opt-in forms to grow.

Your mailing list, too instant gear, has been in development for months now and boy does it show i’ve, been a full-time online marketer for almost 10 years now, and i 100 believe that instant gear is the biggest opportunity for newbies and inexperienced marketers.

That i have ever seen. Do you not miss this opportunity to get your own slice of what many people are calling the biggest internet marketing gold rush of all time? Just imagine it with instant guru working for you.

24. 7. You have the perfect automated system to transform yourself into an instant, successful, warrior plus and jvzoo affiliate daily original content created for you, regular reviews of the top internet marketing products each week, all 100 automated and hosted for you by us.

So you can cash in on the internet, marketing gold rush and all with no monthly fees. Now you may be shocked by this, but during instant guru’s, current launch offer. We are practically giving this amazing new software away for a ridiculously low price, that’s right for early action takers.

We’ll, let you have full access to instant guru without ever charging you any monthly fees. You lucky early action takers, get the whole thing for just a one-time fee, only [ Music ]. We like action takers like you – and this is your exclusive invitation to get one-time pricing to the world’s.

Only software that can turn a complete newbie into an internet, marketing, instant guru and, of course, your small one-time investment, is fully covered by our no questions asked 30-day money-back guarantee, so you & # 39.

Ve got nothing to lose when you check out instant queue today. So take a look at all the features and details below and make sure you take advantage of this low one-time purchase price, because very soon the price will become a monthly subscription.

So we can continue to provide all these great features and unmatched capabilities for years and years to come now to claim your one-time purchase price and see how instant guru can transform your life and turn you into an internet marketing.

Success story, click the button below for instant access and see why newbies and experienced marketers website owners, wordpress bloggers, small businesses and marketing consultants are all calling this the most exciting online marketing opportunity they have seen in years.

So don’t miss out, claim your special one-time early action taker pricing right now, click the button below now and i’ll, see you on the inside hey there. I’m dan green and welcome to the instant guru full technical demo.

So in this demo i’m, going to show you the exact experience you will have of instant guru. At the moment you’ve used the software, so there’ll, be no bs. This is exactly what you will experience so as soon as you bought the software, you’ll, be able to access and log in to the web-based platform, and so, if we do that there, the next thing is we’re, taking to Set the bus site and literally guys, this is how incredibly easy it is to set up your site.

All you need to do. All you need to do is think of a name for your site, enter your affiliate ids and we take care of all the rest. So i’m, going to call this um. I’m, going to call this an internet view site there.

We go. I’m, going to call this. This is my domain, so internet gurus site, you can choose anything. You want for your site title and your subdomain, that’s, so we host your site for you at this sub domain.

But of course you do have an option to use your own domain too, and i’ll. Show you how you can do that in a bit, but remember there’s, no need! We will host completely host your site with no monthly fees ever for you.

Next, you will enter your warrior plus and jbc affiliate ids. Now i’m, not going to go into the process of getting those for you. Now it’s, pretty boring, and i think this demo is going to go on long enough anyway.

But trust me it is super easy to get your affiliate ids from warrior plus jvzoo and of course we provide full training on how you do it, but it trust me it only takes seconds. So i’m just going to put in some example ones.

For now it’s, just warrior plus id into abc id, and we click create website and boom. Just like that, an entire site has been created for us. Look at this guys it’s, so simple, just so simple, let me show you what the site looks like here.

We go so look at this. This incredible site filled with all this content images. It really looks amazing outside of the out of the box, and if you click on one of these here, we can see it’s filled with incredible content posted for us with images really key strategies and tips and internet marketing news that your visitors Are just going to love all of this content.

Remember is fully spun with our content, spinning engine, so it’s completely original to you, so your site will rank on google as well as all this great content. We also have review posts created for you on a regular basis.

Too remember these are reviews about the best, converting best-selling, jvzoo and warrior plus internet marketing products. Each week you can see each one has got great sales copy written for you by us all of it’s spun.

So it’s original. Remember each one. Coming with an entire in-depth demo. You can see here there’s yeah. This is a real demo of the software that we’re, being reviewed. All of this done for you by us.

Remember guys we do the selling for you. We create the killer sales videos. We create the killer sales copy, you benefit, we even add in bonuses which are all delivered to your buyers. For you and, of course, your affiliate ids are automatically embedded in all the reviews we create for you.

So if anyone clicks that buy now button and then proceeds through and buys, you get full credit for the sale that’s fully automated commissions go into your jvzoo and warrior plus accounts every single day for you now that really, if you want to Leave it as simple as that, you totally totally fine guys that you will now receive new content, new reviews daily basis, all done for you, but if you want to take things a little bit further, if you want to configure things a little bit more, we provide A bunch of different options, so i’ll.

Just take you through a few more of those. So, first of all, we provide lots of different options in terms of your layout, so you can, if you want to add a different logo. You can change everything. Basically, everything on the site.

You can change what, for example, what it says here this title: you can change your sub headline. We also provide a bunch of different themes and different colors and approaches. So you can have your site.

Look how exactly? How you want it to look? We also provide a bunch of different. So you see this background image that’s been used here. We’ve, probably had a bunch of different ones. You could choose from there.

For example, all of these created for you or, if you want to you, can upload your own banner as well. Now you may be asking yourself at this point: where does all this content come from? Well, it comes originally from top internet marketing news sites and blogs, and you can find those where exactly your content is coming from in here now we’ve, put a couple of different content sources in there for you for default, so that you can Get up and running straight away and remember because of our content, spinning engine everything that is brought from these is spun into completely original content for you.

But if you want to, you can add your own content sources at any point, so all you would need to do is just well. I’ll show you, for example, we could put internet marketing blog and then basically all you need to do is find a new [ Music ] input source, a new content source um.

So say this one. For example, you just copy the url. Add the new source here paste it in here and then click create and it’s as simple as that and you can add as many different sources as you want. Don’t like our default ones.

So if you don’t like the content that’s been generated from these ones, well go go ahead and delete them. That’s. Absolutely fine! You’re in full control. Instant guru can be as easy or as complex as you want want to add some banner ads and opt-in forms to your site.

Well, you can do that too, and it is as simple as this all you need to do. Is you just click this button here and then you & # 39. Ve got a bunch of different options. You can choose whether to add a banner ad image.

So what you would need to do is choose your banner ad, for example, this one and then enter the link that you want to people to go to when they click on it choose a slot. You can have sidebar for the header or a specific page.

If you wish to, and click save it’s as easy as that, we also have the options to add in opt-in forms all you need to do copy and paste your opt-in form script in there and choose your slot simple, powerful.

So not only are you getting great daily content and monetize done for you reviews, you can also grow your mailing list with your opt-in form and get even more money from your site with banner ads now, as mentioned, instant, google really can be as simple as entering A site name and affiliate ids and clicking a button, and that’s.

It that’s. The only interaction you would ever need to have with your site, but if you want to, we do provide a bunch of different options. So, for example, if you want, you can add your own custom pages, so it’s as simple as this.

So for look, for example, um some on many websites, it’s popular to add an about us page. You can do that because i’ll, do fine, you can plug in any text you want here. This is a full visual editor, so you can add in videos you can.

You know bold text. You could add in an image. So if we have an example image, you can have this to look exactly how you want it. So if we just click save, obviously i haven’t really put much time into this guys.

Instant Guru Review Demo

It’s, not going to look great, but you know it’s just to show you as an example. If we refresh the page here, you can see our about this page that we’ve. Just created has appeared here, and it just looks exactly how we created it.

Yeah the instant view, sites that are created for you are fully hosted for you buy us at no additional cost to you. There’s, never going to be any monthly hosting costs, but if you want to – and you want to prefer to use your own domain instead of using our site sub domain, you can do that and it’s as simple as copying And pasting, either of these embed codes, you can choose whether you want an iframe or a script and you just copy and paste those where you want your site to appear on your own domain.

We can also provide the option to download the site as a file. So that you can just upload that to wherever you want and your entire site will be appear there for you on your own domain now, on top of all of that guys, on top of all of that, everything that you’ve seen here today Is all fully editable, so it’s, not just the design it’s, the body so example.

This is the review that the first review that’s been created for us. Remember you get more and more reviews created for you on a regular basis, every single week, um. We can see here that you can edit any of this.

So perhaps i want this to be bold. I could add in my own images my own videos um. I could change the title. Anything you i want is oh, this is all fully editable and the same thing goes for all of the posts that have been created for us.

Remember, i’ve just created this site, so there’s. Not many being created, but you can go in here and you can do anything. You want any changes. Everything is all fully editable. Remember it’s as simple as this full visual editor and you just click, save changes, and if you want to, you, can even manually generate your own posts as well.

So you can have your own custom posts just as much as your own custom pages and even your own custom reviews. If you want to and guys that’s, that’s really insane in a nutshell, it can literally be as simple as you choosing a name and entering your affiliate, ids and clicking a button, and you never have to worry about your Site again, it creates great original content.

Monetized reviews you just watch the commissions, go into your jvzoo and warriors account. It can be as simple as that or if you want to you & # 39. Ve got full control over your layout, add custom posts.

Add custom pages edit anything you want instant gear, that’s, you in control of your internet marketing destiny, and i think you’re, going to absolutely love it. When you jump on board with us today,

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